Zoomlion tower cranes standing up to environmental challenges

November 8, 2023

Zoomlion tower cranes standing up to environmental challenges


Heavy equipment manufacturer Zoomlion has completed rigorous testing on its tower cranes to ensure they stand the test of heatwaves seen globally.

The China-based company sought to complete the tests to ensure their range of tower cranes hold long-term adaptability to harsh environmental conditions such as open-air use, high temperatures, and severe storms.

The testing is designed to reinforce the equipment’s stability and reliability throughout the summer months, ensuring maximum productivity can still be achieved in the harshest of weather conditions.

Adhering to strict domestic and international standards, Zoomlion has sought to combine all-around safety protection with a new range of technologies so the equipment can handle high temperatures, humidity, and solve the common pain points seen in construction in summer.

The Chinese manufacturer’s Zoomlion R Generation tower crane provides an apt case study for this. The cranes incorporate new technologies such as a round tenon standard section, anti-collision, anti-dangling anchor, and anti-slipping hook, as well as offering remote services for safety inspection, debugging, and a live telematics system.

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Further to their goal of improving safety and reducing manual operation risk, Zoomlion are also offering an extensive customer service approach, ensuring systems such as air conditioning and heat dissipation systems to not become obsolete and continue to operate efficiently.

Furthermore, Zoomlion has been organizing global service tours for 13 years to better understand its customers’ needs, identify potential equipment problems and prevent failures. In July 2023, Zoomlion kicked off its latest service tour, which will visit approximately 2,000 customers worldwide.

Aiming to provide greater value for customers by conducting comprehensive “health inspections” of construction machinery equipment and vulnerable components, the service tour also provides safety training sessions for the operators.

Zoomlion’s latest initiatives come as China stares down the barrel of its hottest summer on record, and the world faces its hottest month ever recorded this July.

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