Major Inspections

Major Inspections

Gleason Cranes can complete an engineer certified major inspections (10 year & 25 year inspections), adhering to Australian and International Standards AS2550, AS1418 and other associated AUS/NZ Standards.

The major inspection process can be complicated and expensive and Gleason Cranes can offer you a way through. Gleason Cranes uses as a guideline the CICA’s Guide for Major Inspections on mobile Cranes but more importantly certified engineers to ensure that work is carried out efficiently and effectively to reduce costs but provide a quality outcome.

Certified Crane Engineers

We understand that is essential for crane inspections to be routinely carried out, as this ensures that your equipment is in tiptop condition and that the workers using it are safe. We also understand that these sorts of tasks can be expensive, which is why we aim to offer a cost effective solution.

If you have a particular concern regarding your crane, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our certified engineers will pay particular attention to that area or component during their inspection to ensure that everything is in order and will recommend a solution if it’s not.

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