Zoomlion breaks record for heaviest crane lift

January 31, 2024

Zoomlion breaks record for heaviest crane lift


Zoomlion’s ZCC89000 crawler crane has broken two world records for the heaviest crane lift for a single crane and fastest lifting speed in Zhejiang, China.

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The 3600-tonne crawler crane completed the feats between January 3 and January 8, 2024, when it was installing three slurry bed reactors for the construction of a new slurry bed residue hydrogenation plant that forms an integral part of the Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical Co.’s 300-million-tonne-per-year New Material Engineering Project. The heaviest crane lift that the ZCC89000 was responsible for weighed in at 3037 tonnes and was lifted to a height of 67.57m, with the slurry bed reactor being the world’s largest single-weight forging and welding hydrogenation reactor.

The scope of work for the 3600-tonne capacity Zoomlion crawler crane required the hoisting of three reactors that, collectively, weighed over 10,000 tonnes, in a timeframe of just six days. For the job, the crane was equipped with a counterweight of 3160 tonnes and, throughout the lift, reached a maximum load moment of 92,800 torque-metres. According to Zoomlion, the scope of work conducted by its crawler crane advanced the construction schedule by two months.

Upon completion of the new project, the plant will become a “super petrochemical industrial base”, according to Zoomlion, and will possess an annual refining capacity of 40 million tonnes of oils, 11.8 million tonnes of aromatics, and 4.2 million tonnes of ethylene.

Zoomlion’s products are distributed across Australia by Gleason Cranes.


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