2017 ZJM QTD 160 TOWER

2017 ZJM QTD 160 TOWER

SKU: TO0094

AUD $199,000 + GST *

2017-9 Luffing Tower Crane, Model ZJM/QTD 160 (5522)
Serial number 55220391
VIN 431010H8220170391
Tower Sections 1 x 7,500mm Section & 13 x 3,000mm Sections
Jib Length 55m (L)
Tower Height 48m (H)
Lift Capacity 10 Tonne – 10 Tonne x 20m (L) & 2.5 Tonne x 55m (L)
Crane up in air currently, coming down in the next 2 to 3 weeks
Outside Climbing Frame
Located Sydney

  • ID Number TO0094
  • Year 2017
  • Brand ZJM
  • Model QTD 160

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