Gleason Cranes has a vast range of Zoomlions on offer

November 7, 2023

Gleason Cranes has a vast range of Zoomlions on offer


The Gleason name has been synonymous with the crane industry for decades now, with close to 50 years’ experience it continues to bring a range of new and used cranes to Australia.

The company is the dealer of choice for the Zoomlion range of cranes, having already delivered models across the country.

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co Ltd was founded in 1992 and has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of construction equipment in the world. Zoomlion exports equipment to over 70 countries worldwide with Gleason’s the preferred distributor in Australia.

Zoomlion is continuing to develop an offering befitting of its position as the seventh largest machinery manufacturer globally with a strong push to helping develop sustainable products.

Zoomlion has established a comprehensive green development roadmap comprising design, manufacturing and management to achieve ‘greenisation’ of the whole process, from R&D, production to operation and management.

In 2022, Zoomlion has achieved new energy development of its full product range and unveiled products that have set industry benchmarks, including the world’s largest tonnage new energy crane series, the world’s first distributed pure electric crawler crane, the world’s first pure electric carbon fibre pump truck and the industry’s first glass installation robot for inter-story operations in high-rise buildings.

The ZAT1500 is a 150 tonne all-terrain crane.

Zoomlion also launched the first intelligent construction packaged solution, for the industry, helping to drive its intelligent transformation for the future. 

Gleason offers a number of Zoomlion cranes for the Australian market and works closely with companies to find a Zoomlion for any challenge.

Rough terrain cranes

Gleason’s has a strong offering of Rough Terrains in Australia with many models currently hard at work on the Snowy Hydro 2.0 Joint Venture.

The models available from Gleason’s include the ZRT1100, ZRT850, ZRT600 and the ZRT400. All of the rough terrains come with a Cummins diesel engine and with 12 months parts and labour warranty. 

The ZRT1100 has 110t capacity and 49 metres of main boom, the ZRT850 85t and 47m of main boom, ZRT600 60t capacity and 45 metres of main boom and the ZRT400 40t capacity and 33m of main boom.

The ZRT1100, ZRT850, ZRT600 and the ZRT400 are all light weight coming in at a travel weight of 60t, 52.8t, 45t and 31t respectively. Each model comes with a fly jib option, the ZRT1100 has a 4-17.5m option, the ZRT850 and the ZRT600 have a 5-16m option and the ZRT400 has a 2-14m option.

Crawler cranes

Gleason’s lineup includes five separate crawler cranes, the ZCC1000V, ZCC850V, ZCC750V, ZCC600V and the ZCC550V. Ranging from 100 to 55 tonnes Gleason’s has a solution for any challenge in its crawler division.

The ZCC1000V has 100 tonne capacity with 13-64m of main boom and a travel weight of only 86.9 tonnes. The ZCC850V comes in at 85 tonnes which is a slight step down from the previous model with a max reach of 61 metres and a travel weight of 75.5t. The ZCC750V comes with three hooks at 85t, 55t, 25t and 9t. It has 75 tonne capacity and a maximum height of 58m and a travel weight of 64t. 

The ZCC600V is a compact crane with a 60 tonne capacity, 53 metres of boom and travel weight of under 50 tonnes. The ZC550V is the smallest that Gleason Cranes has, with a 55 tonne capacity a maximum boom height of 52 metres and a travel weight of 48.9t.

Gleason’s stocks three different truck cranes.

Hydraulic boom crawler

The offering from Gleason’s in the hydraulic boom crawlers include the ZCT900V, ZCT600V, ZCT300V4, ZCT300V5.

The ZCT900V comes with a Weichai engine or an optional Cummins with a 90 tonne capacity and 47 metres of main boom. The ZCT600V also comes with a Weichai engine producing 860Nm with a 60 tonne capacity and 46 metres of main boom. The ZCT300V4 also only comes with a Weichai engine with this one producing 860Nm has a 30 tonne capacity with 35 metres of main boom. 

The ZCT300V5 is the last of the hydraulic boom crawlers from Gleason’s and comes with the same engine as the previous model. With the same capacity it has an extra seven metres of boom compared to the V4.

Luffing tower cranes

Gleason’s has three tower cranes on offer, the L200, L160 and the L125 lifting 12 tonnes, 10 tonnes and eight tonnes respectively. The L200, L160 and L125 has a maximum length of 55m and a minimum of 30m. 


The ZAT1500 has a 150 tonne capacity with a seven section boom, with an impressive reach of 72m. The five-axle crane has drive to three wheels and all five are steered and comes in at the desirable 12t per axle limit.

Coming with a 11-18.6m fly jib, the ZAT1500 maximises its capacity on all of its parts by having the latest electro-hydraulic proportional directional control valve with load sensing function, multiple plunger variable pumps and open/closed variable system.

Truck crane

Gleason’s offers three sperate models in the truck crane sector, the ZTC25V, QY30V431R and the ZTC55 with maximum capacities of 25t, 30t and an impressive 55t respectively.

The ZTC25V has a four section 33.3m main boom with an 8.65m underslung fly with a 4.9m extension.

The QY30V431R has a boom that is also four sections finishing at 33.8m with a 13m underslung fly.

The ZTC55 has a boom length of 44 metres and with a jib attachment finishes out at 60m.

Chris Logan and the team at Gleason’s has a strong understanding of the Zoomlion fleet and are able to provide support needed to keep fleets running.

On site servicing means Gleason’s can provide support to the Zoomlion fleet nationwide to ensure they continue to deliver for users.

Not sure which fleet would be right for your next application? Our friendly support team is ready to help.



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