Crane Repair, Refurbishment & Painting


Gleason Cranes is proud to offer full workshop capabilities at our facility in Dandenong South VIC to inspect, repair, refurbish and paint all types of cranes and equipment. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our crane servicing as our expert team ensures all repairs and services completed by us are fully documented and the appropriate paperwork is issued upon completion.

Whether you’re after a one-off crane repair or require ongoing crane servicing, Gleason Cranes is here to accommodate you.

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Reliable Crane Refurbishment


At Gleason Cranes, we pride ourselves on extending the life and enhancing the performance of imported and Australian cranes through our comprehensive crane refurbishment services. Our team of experienced engineers specialise in restoring all types of cranes and ensuring they not only meet but exceed original factory specifications.

Whether it’s updating mechanical components and electrical systems or improving structural integrity, our crane refurbishment services provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment.

  • Extending life and enhancing performance

  • Improving reliability and efficiency

  • Cost-effective solutions

Comprehensive Crane Repair


Unexpected downtime can be a significant setback impacting both small and large-scale operations. This is why we encourage our clients to have all of their equipment inspected and repaired by our fully qualified team of technicians. Our top priority is ensuring your crane operates safely and efficiently and our promise to you is the peace of mind that comes with quality workmanship.

We use only the highest quality parts and materials in all of our repairs to guarantee lasting performance. From minor repairs to major overhauls, our skilled team is equipped to handle a wide range of problems, including repairing or replacing any faulty or damaged crane parts with genuine components. Our inspection and crane repair services are focused on ensuring your cranes and equipment are in safe working order and that any downtime is minimised to reduce the impact on your operations.

  • Minimize operational interruptions

  • Only use the highest quality parts and materials

  • From minor repairs to major overhauls, we handle it all

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Professional Crane Painting Service


A fresh coat of paint does more than just make a crane look new again; it also protects against the elements. When used in harsh environments or conditions, cranes are susceptible to rust and corrosion which may cause potential safety hazards down the line. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the entire crane is properly coated with a priming coat, intermediate coat and finishing coat.

At Gleason Cranes, our professional crane painting services are performed by experts who understand the importance of both aesthetics and durability. We use high-quality, industrial-grade paints made to withstand the harsh conditions often faced by cranes. You can entrust our expert team to ensure a finish that looks great and extends your equipment’s lifespan. Whether you want to refresh your crane’s appearance or require our painting service as part of a larger refurbishment project, Gleason Cranes has the skills and expertise to deliver outstanding results every time.

  • Protection against the elements

  • Expert craftsmanship for lasting beauty and durability

  • Tailored solutions for your needs

Whether you are looking for an application for a new crane or a legacy product, Gleason Cranes is here for you.

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Why choose Gleason Cranes?

When it comes to crane repairs, refurbishment and painting services, there are plenty of reasons to choose Gleason Cranes.

Over 50 years experience

We have over 50 years of experience.

full comprehensive Services

We offer a full comprehensive mechanical and electrical fault-finding check service and repair.

Australian standards

We complete all repairs and major inspections to Australian standards.

Transparent Costs

We’re transparent about our pricing, with no extras or hidden costs.

Fully documented

We ensure all repairs and services undertaken in our dedicated workshop are fully documented.

Quality services

We value quality workmanship and a quick turnaround.

Areas We Service

Gleason Cranes offers a range of crane services across the below states

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