AUD $1,300,000 + GST *

Capacity: 90t
Hours: 4,224 +/- approx.
Kms: 16,429 +/- approx.

11.1m to 51.0m, 6-section hydraulic pinned main boom.
Six sheave boom nose, plus auxiliary boom nose. 2 work lights, mounted on top of base boom controlled from superstructure cab.

Swingaway/Boom Extn:
9.0 m to 15 m bi-fold swingaway, hydraulically offset from 0° to 40°.

Auxiliary Boom Nose:
Single sheave removable.

Boom Elevation:
One hydraulic single acting cylinder (-3.0° to 82°) with integral holding valve.

Load Moment System (“LMI”):
Load moment and independent anti-two block system with audio visual warning and control lever lock-out.
These systems provide graphic display of boom angle, length, radius, tip height, relative load moment, maximum permissible load, load indication and warning of impending two- block condition with lock-out hoist function

Operator’s Cab:
Full vision aluminium cab, hydraulically tiltable to 20 mounted on the left side of the turntable.
Safety glass throughout, hinged front window with wiper, sliding door and window, sunvisor and window shade, dormer window pane with wiper, engine dependent hot water heater, fan and defroster nozzles,
Deluxe seat with suspension, headrest and armrest mounted dual axis crane control joysticks, full instrumentation panel with ccs crane engine and controls.
Air Conditioning.

360° continuous rotation, 2 slewing gears with axial piston motor, planetary reduction gear, service and holding brake.
Infinitely variable speed 0-1.8 rpm.

18.3 tonnes split into various sections for optimal weight distribution.
Hydraulic counterweight rigging and removal system operated from the crane cab.

Hydraulic System:
Two separate circuits, one axial piston variable displacement pump (load sensing) with power limiting control and one gear pump for slewing.
Oil cooler and pressure test points. Tank capacity 680 litres.

Main and Auxiliary Hoist:
Axial piston motor with planetary reduction gear and automatic multiple disc brake.
Drum rotation indicator.

Wire Rope:
220m of 16mm diameter for main and auxiliary hoist with swaged end rope socket.

Safety Systems:
Hoist and lowering limit switches, check valves on load bearing cylinders, pressure relief valves

Hook Blocks:
5 sheave 63t hookblock with double hook and dead end
3 sheave 40t hookblock with double hook and dead end.
Single sheave 16t hookblock with single hook and dead end.
Single line 8t headache ball

8 x 6 x 8 Carrier

Four two stage hydraulic telescoping beams with vertical cylinders and outrigger pads. Independent horizontal and vertical operation. Controlled from each side of carrier and superstructure cab, with electronic level indicator.
Working lights for each outrigger beam.

Mercedes Benz OM470, 435 HP (320 kW) turbo charged diesel engine with heavy duty air cleaner and safety cartridge.
Electronic engine control.
Fuel tank: 400 litres for carrier and superstructure

Mercedes G280 with 16 speed forward plus 1 reverse. 2 speed transfer case.

Megatrak (all wheel independent hydropneumatic suspension)
Hydraulic lockout and automatic levelling system.

Dual line pneumatic disc brakes on all wheels, conforming to EC regulations.
Pneumatically operated spring-loaded emergency/parking brake on axles 2, 3 & 4.
Exhaust brake and constant throttle engine brake.
Anti-lock braking system (ABS).
Secondary water retarder.

8 x 20.5R25 (525/80 R25) on/off highway radial ply (singles). Aluminium Rims. Includes 1 x Spare Tyre and Aluminium Rim

24V system. Full lighting package (includes: head, rear, brake, rear fog, reverse, hazard, directional indicators and reflectors, day-time running light) conforming to EC regulations.
Halogen spotlights and two rotating beacons.
Two additional strobe lights – carrier and superstructure mounted.

Two-man left hand drive.
Fully adjustable driver’s seat with pneumatic suspension, passenger seat, three-point seat belts.
Safety glass windows, laminated front windscreen with wipers and washers, engine independent diesel air heater incl. 24h timer, heated rear view mirrors, tachograph, odometer, full instrumentation (CCS) and travel controls.
Stereo/radio with CD player and traffic information decoder.
Air conditioning.

Miscellaneous Standard Equipment:
Access steps, maintenance tool kit, automatic interval controlled central lubrication of struts and steering lever journals.
Aluminium checker plate decking, wheel chocks

  • ID Number AT1241
  • Capacity 90T
  • Year 2019
  • Brand GROVE
  • Model GMK 4090

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